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Here are some links to other web pages related to flying that may be of interest to EAA members:


Flight Planning

  • - a good place to get information on various airports and the services they offer.
  • SkyVector - the freely available online aeronautical charts
  • FAA Special Use Airspaces - FAA website providing Military Operations Area activity
  • DUATS - Computer Sciences Corporation's (CSC) version of the Direct User Access Terminal Service which is provided under contract by the FAA. Commonly used for obtaining weather briefs, retrieving NOTAMS, and filing/opening/closing flight plans.
  • DUAT - This is a similar product to DUATS above, except it is provided by the Data Transformation Corporation (DTC) under contract with the FAA.


  • National Weather Service - Weather forcast information provided by the Federal government
  • Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) Minneapolis - Direct link to the Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) for the ZMP airspace served by Minneapolis Center.
  • Aviation Digital Data Service - a compilation of services provided by NOAA National Weather Service, including METAR, TAF, PIREP, AIR/SIGMET, RADAR and many other services.
  • Pilot-My-Cast - Aviation weather on your mobile phone provided by Garmin.
  • Intellicast - General weather forecasting


  • X-Plane - A flight simulator with flight dynamics modeling capabilities
  • FlightGear - Free flight simulator
  • PocketFMS - Free moving map software for your PDA and desktop computer.
  • Easy GPS - Free software for uploading waypoints to handheld GPS units.
  • GPX Aviation Waypoint Generator - Free software to generate navaid data for uploading to GPS units with EasyGPS.
  • Google Earth - Interactive 3D map of the earth with terrain and color satellite imagery. Also has a flight simulator built-in.
  • GPS Visualizer - View your GPS track in Google Earth
  • G7ToWin - Software to allow transferring data between handheld GPS units and a computer.
  • eSectionals - Subscription service that allows downloading and printing the most current sectionals.
  • Airport Waypoint Database - Text database of airport waypoints.
  • Golden Eagle FlightPrep - This is an additional free product created by CSC which provides a simpler-to-use GUI access to DUATS.

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