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EAA 509 members have completed numerous fine aircraft, with many more projects underway. Here is a list of what our members are building or flying (members please send updated information and/or pictures):

  • Ralph Carlson
    Building: Pietenpol Aircamper
  • Pat Halama
    Completed: 2007 RV-9
  • Ray Hansen
    Flying: Cherokee 140
  • Don Heath
    Completed: 2005 Europa
  • Jim Johengen
    Flying: Quicksilver MX
    Restoring: Luscombe
  • Ralph Kisor
    Flying: Aviat Husky
  • Scott Littfin
    Flying: Corben Junior Ace
    Flying: Cessna 140
    Building: RV-4
  • Bob Marek
    Building: Bearhawk
  • Tom Oatman
    Completed: 2007 Bearhawk
    Completed: Kitfox
  • Jim Olson
    Flying: Aeronca Champ
  • John Olson
    Restoring: 1947 Aeronca Champ
  • Roger Peters
    Building: Coot
  • Mike Pope
    Flying: Stinson
  • Joe Snow
    Building: Cessna 140
  • Jim Solberg
    Building: RV-8
    Flying: Mooney
  • Doug Ward
    Restoring: Taylorcraft
  • Hal Wighton
    Flying: 1939 Luscombe 8A
  • Jim Gundry
    Flying: Taylorcraft BC-12D
  • Matt Gundry
    Building: RW-11